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We work with you to create a garden space that is beautiful, functional, and sustainable.  

Garden Design

Unlike many garden designers, we're gardeners first and foremost.
In our 20+ years of gardening, we've seen what works, we know which plants thrive where, we've worked with hundreds of clients, and ultimately, we know what's realistic.

It's accurate to say we're down to earth in every sense. 

So, perhaps your flowerbeds and borders are always tired, dead, or patchy?
Maybe you're unable to use some/all of the garden because it's just not attractive?
Or possibly you've just moved in and want to choose the right plants to maximise impact?


We can help.


Our Process
Picnic in Garden

Step 1: Consultation

Piers begins by immersing himself in your dream vision for your garden. Maybe you already have some rough sketches of how you'd like your space to look. Or perhaps you have no idea about the aesthetic but you know how you'd like to use the garden, or simply how you'd like to feel in the garden. He'll take the time to get to know you and your needs, and ensure you are kept at the centre of the design. 

To book your consultation, reach out here. Please include as much information as possible! 

Step 2: Assessment

Piers will take measurements of your garden, whilst assessing other elements including aspect, gradients, shade mapping, and soil composition. Understanding your soil's characteristics is crucial for selecting the right plants. Whether your soil is sandy, clay-based, or loamy, Piers will provide recommendations to optimise it's condition, increase the longevity of your plants, and support a thriving garden ecosystem.

Holding Soil

Step 3: Drawings

With pencil in hand (and a big mug of tea), Piers immerses himself in the creative process, sketching and refining ideas until your garden takes it's new shape.  Once complete, Piers will share the first design with you, welcoming any feedback you have. The drawings can be tweaked and refined as many times as you like before you give them the green light. 

Step 4: Creation

Once the drawing is complete, it serves as a roadmap for bringing your garden to life. The final step is for Piers to source all of the elements of your garden design, from particular plants and trees, through to bespoke planters or screens, and then do the muddy work and ensure the design is implemented, seeing the project right through from concept to completion. 

Gardening Team

A few things to note: 

  • We don't have a 'set menu' of design prices, as every garden is different and requires varying levels of service. What we can say is that we offer very competitive prices, so get in touch if you'd like Piers to provide you with a bespoke quote for your garden. 

  • In most cases, we don't offer hard landscaping. If you would like hard landscaping, this will need to be outsourced to other suppliers, who we are more than happy to liaise with to ensure the process is smooth. 

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