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About The Bristol Gardener

I’m Piers, The Bristol Gardener. Here’s a bit about me…


I grew up in a tiny village in Gloucestershire. Pre-dating the iPad by twenty years, and with little in the way of local amenities, I was left to make my own fun - running around fields and climbing trees with my brother and four sisters. It was fantastic. My earliest memories of our garden were watching the butterflies feasting on the Buddleia, the seed helicopters falling from the two Ash trees (which doubled up as goalposts), and quickly retrieving the football from the Geraniums without being spotted by my mum.

At 19, I attended university in Bristol. I left three years later with a First Class degree in Drama. Realising life in the theatre was not for me, I spent a couple of years working in a terribly boring office job, before deciding I needed to honour my roots and get outside! I love living in the city, but missed the countryside, so becoming a gardener in Bristol was the perfect solution.

I spent a few years training under the tutelage of some highly respected local gardeners, before branching out on my own and becoming The Bristol Gardener in 2012. Since then, I have worked in gardens large and small all over Bristol and the surrounding areas and built relationships with many clients. It has been a pleasure seeing their gardens develop and I am proud to have been a part of the transformation. High demand meant I needed an extra pair of hands and in 2016 I was joined by my good friend Bill. As well as 20 years of gardening experience between us, we have both taken the RHS Level 2 course, and if I say so myself, we make a pretty good team.


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